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How to block numbers / calls on Meizu M8 Lite

Bantuan Google. Hantar maklum balas tentang…. Gmail Help Forum Forum. Hi, I've just bought a new Meizu M8 smartphone which is very similar to the iPhone. I put all the information correctly. Retried 10 times everything and always got the same annoying answer - "password error or invalid username, which is surely not true. Both accounts are set to accept POP3 and I used pop. It simply refuses to work.

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I have no problem downloading emails to my Outlook account the the Google Apps only. Any idea?!? The power stimulated by hardship was beyond imagination.

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With incredible efforts and persistence, they made it eventually. The lock screen featured a simplified style. An upward slide from the bottom allowed users to unlock the phone, makea call or access messages.

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The screens on both sides show the status of charging or synchronization in progress. After several firmware iterations, the classic charging animation made its return to Flyme 6. Both the green charging animation and the blue synchronization one still look pretty and stylish eventoday.

All Home screen icons were devised in a skeuomorphic style. The icons were much larger in size than their labels for better recognizability and operability. Each toggle had a summary below so that users could easily understand what itwas for in specific. Both apps had simple theme colors, withgrey as the dominant hue and in line with the entire system. The dialer, the text edit box, and the keyboard were all minimalist in style, which reflected the consistent design philosophy of Flyme.

The system had four multi-media apps built in: Music, Videos, Recorder, and Gallery.

Music and Recorder had similar interface, with dynamic blue spectrum bars against dark background. Different from them, Videos and Gallery featured a white backdrop and a straightforward file list for easy browsing. Videos supported a variety of video formats, while Music inherited the outstanding expertise of Meizu MP3 players — high-quality, lossless music playback.

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Clock, Calendar, Notes, and Calculator were four essential utility apps of the system. Similar to the Home screen icons, these apps were also skeuomorphic.

I personally think that, with three built-in themes, Notes was more recognizable in UI than the others. Just like its current successor, Clock encompassed four functions: local time, alarm, timer, and stopwatch. Calendar supported lunar calendar and allowed users toadd events; these features have remained in later Flyme versions. Meizu M8 was the first mobile phone made byMeizu, as well as one of the most successful phones in China. The Win CE-based Mymobile system added varioususer-friendly features and enhanced the interactivity with users.

The translucentgrey elements and the dark hue in conjunction created for M8 a sense of high-tech and a low-key charm. During thepast 5 years when Flyme evolved from 1 to 6, it has stayed true to its mission and persisted in its focus on user experience. With your support, Flyme will continue its endeavor in providing an extraordinary user experience.

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