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A broad slit for the earpiece is barely perceptible between the notch and the metal framing. The side bezels and chin are admirably thin.

Oppo ships the phone with a pre-installed screen protector and the edges are easy to feel with your thumb. Otherwise, the rounded side edges and curved rear glass help the phone feel comfortable in your palm when gripping it. The Ace has a fairly standard set of controls along the outer edges. Separate volume buttons are positioned about two-thirds of the way up the left side. A power button sits on the right edge, opposite the volume keys. I really like that the button has a slim green accent, which helps it stand out visually. The dual SIM card tray is above the power button.

Oppo could not have done a finer job shaping the rear panel glass. It has an attractive curve that bends along the side edges, where it tucks itself into the metal frame. The camera module is rather long and raised slightly to contain the four lenses. The main lens is called out by a green accent that matches the power button on the side.

See also: Best waterproof phones you can buy. Phone makers cannot enter the gaming space without a 90Hz panel on their phone. Thus, the Oppo Reno Ace includes a screen that refreshes 90 times per second — which makes it appear to be smoother than that of a 60Hz screen.

The higher refresh rate is most evident when scrolling up and down or panning back and forth, as images, icons, text, and graphics remain sharp and stutter-free as they slide around the screen. The last component here is brightness, and the Reno Ace delivers in spades. Oppo claims the phone reaches nits average brightness, with peaks reaching 1, nits.

Most flagship phones tested by Android Authority rate in the to nit space, and the Ace maxed out at nits on our equipment. Most people who buy the Ace will love the screen. It was a hassle to register a print and inconsistent at best.

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Mega fast CPU? Class-leading GPU? Ultra quick storage? Huge amounts of RAM? You betcha. Toss in a composite carbon fiber cooling system, GameBoost 2. The only features really missing are triggers and advanced, fan-driven cooling. The Oppo Reno Ace absolutely wrecks the competition when it comes to benchmarks. AnTuTu and 3DMark results stood out the most, with scores of , and 6,, respectively.

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Review: Why Can’t Samsung Do This?

These numbers are ahead of the pack by a significant margin. In day-to-day performance, the phone always felt swift and fluid. Nothing slowed the Reno Ace down, not even a little bit. Read also: Snapdragon and Plus vs Kirin Battery life is one facet that sets the Oppo Reno Ace far apart from the competition. First up, the large power cell pushes the phone from morning to night without breaking a sweat.

Even with the power-hungry display, the Ace aced my daily routine of social networking, email, Slack, music, video, and browsing.

Oppo says the Reno Ace is the first phone to ship with support for 65W charging. The 65W gallium nitride power brick is able to fully charge the dual battery in just 30 minutes.

No other phone is even close. Oppo achieved this by separating the charge circuit from the discharge circuit inside the two halves of the battery.

Hands on: The OPPO Reno 2 is an elegant, balanced phone with an excellent camera

This shortens the charge path and reduces resistance inside the battery, which results in a 2x improvement in charging speed. Bottom line, you hardly need to worry about battery life at all. See also: The best portable battery chargers. That gives the Ace a significant advantage over its stablemate. A quad-camera setup has become commonplace for phones in this price range.

The main shooter may have a huge pixel count, but it bins down to 12MP for standard shots. You can elect to use the full resolution, but I found the results to be a bit noisy. In basic use, the camera offers four levels of zoom: super-wide, 1x, 3x, and 5x. These are all simple to jump to thanks to a button placed near the shutter key.

The super-wide also doubles as a macro lens of sorts, meaning it can capture super close-ups. Most of the images I captured with the phone looked sharp and clean. Colors were good, white balance was on point, and exposure was mostly where it should be. The 5x zoom relies on the telephoto lens and 48MP sensor working together.

This is often referred to as hybrid zoom. I was surprised with the sharpness of shots zoomed so far in. Most of the features you expect to see on a modern phone are available to the Oppo Reno Ace. Dimly lit rooms or rooms with reflective materials facing the camera appeared to have the same effect.

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The experience of using both simultaneously is jarring and I returned to using just my fingerprint. It wasn't fast but it was a better experience. However, it shouldn't be expected that "better" in this case means that it was "great," even by comparison. It wasn't. A PIN might be the best way to unlock this phone. They didn't live up to the expectations set by the rest of the hardware. Even its Dolby Atmos compatibility — using both earpiece and bottom-firing speaker — doesn't save it from that.

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Ordinarily, that statement might point to speakers that are too quiet or which are distorted. The problem with OPPO's speakers is that they're exceptionally loud, clear, and unbalanced. Because they're so loud, when I first started testing this phone playing games I had to keep the volume just a couple of clicks above off. Any higher and I ran the risk of waking up family members in a small two-bedroom apartment.

Later on, I turned them up and tried again and they were almost annoyingly loud. There's no chance a user who has this phone turned up is going to miss a notification. In most cases, the audio is going to be more than serviceable too. There's not a hint of distortion in the audio across movies, ringers, or games that's not meant to be there.

The audio is as clean as any other smartphone. The bass tones are there, as shown when I listened to a few bass-specific testers. They're undistorted and clean but lack power. So they're Utterly drowned out during music playback. That lack of punch makes the speakers seem tinny, even though they don't quite match that description.

Now, I tested this handset without battery savings features activated. That gave me a good sense of battery life with heavier use for the average user. Despite that fact, this phone kept disconnecting from my Bluetooth-enabled watch whenever it was left alone for more than a few minutes. That wasn't a consistent timeframe either.

In some cases, it seemed to disconnect after a few minutes of being set down. In others, it did so after around an hour of being in my pocket. The result was messages that weren't received on the watch and other data failing to sync. Presumably, that comes back to some form of battery saving that I just didn't have access to and that's not going to impact every wearable or Bluetooth device. Headphones, likely because of the media playback keeping the phone awake, didn't suffer the same issue.