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My friend has a android zte phone and also has the same app but i cant seem to get it to accept my email info or my ph number!! Plz someone help me!! Typically, you would contact your ATT or vendor Account, inform them of your needs, and be guided by their advices. If you had set up such services via the Account, you'd typically receive a text message or see onscreen within the Account what your "emergency temporary Pin Code is, by which you might be able to perform remote functions yourself from a differing device.

I'd suggest using a Tablet or PC to go to myatt.

How to Transfer Data from ZTE to Android-

I got this phone from ATT and it is the best phone I've ever had. The double screen is a god-send to people my age 70 with old eyes, and it is fast as can be. It gets a little warm sometimes, but a reboot chills it out. Everything works so well with it, and everything uses the double screen I tell you, forget the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

ZTE Blade V review

Get this amazing unit! I have owned this phone for approximately one week now and thought I would give my initial thoughts. I will update in another month or so once I have had time to really use the phone. I most recently owned an iPhone 5s for the last 3 years, so returning to Android is a big change that I was seriously concerned about. Not to worry as the near stock experience is enabled by default on the Axon 7 and is incredibly easy to use. Also, ZTE does not load this phone with a bunch of useless apps or "bloatware".

I am not sure why all of the complaints about this anyway as a launcher such as Nova OK I got this phone. I have an Asus 3max all metal.

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Is fast ,no lag at all. The calls get thru very clear and very god reception. Better signal then iPhone 5s.

3 Secret ZTE Phone Hacks You MUST Know!

Screen is beautiful. Text mexaging is super fast. Has an excellent grip. The battery hold easy for all day no games or movies watching. Connect flawless with the Honda civic blue tooth. One star down for not having display the media on the car screen.

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  8. I tested an One plus X before update to marahmalow and it didn't display either. The wrap I love this phone. Love the phone so I bought my husband one. Arrived early. Had to do some work getting it to work for my carrier. But I love it.

    What is root and why should I root my ZTE Blade A711?

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    Connectivity - no NFC in the ZTE Blade V10

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