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Why the Michigan Archaeological Society

This is an important time for archaeology in both Michigan and the world. Our rare cultural resources, the buried artifacts and features which hold the keys to our past, are severely threatened by development, ignorance and vandalism. In order to combat this growing threat, the MAS holds, among its primary goals, the education of the public toward understanding the importance of our cultural resources. To reach this goal, the MAS involves many people from all walks of life, degrees of interest and experience levels.

Who is the Michigan Archaeological Society

The sole prerequisite for MAS membership is an active curiosity about the past; no technical knowledge is required. MAS members include professional archaeologists, amateur archaeologists, history buffs and many people from various backgrounds who are interested in knowing how we got to this point in history. Everyone from newcomer to senior professional is encouraged to share his opinions and experiences. Through the MAS, professionals are offered a chance to report on present research and new ideas. Amateurs can acquire knowledge from both professionals and their peers, as well as learn about new opportunities for fieldwork. MAS meetings and publications offer all members a heightened familiarity with and appreciation for the past, what it means to us now, and an enthusiasm to share this knowledge with others.

Membership in the Michigan Archaeological Society

Members gain access to the MAS through a network of local chapters scattered throughout the state. These chapters hold monthly meetings during most of the year and often feature speakers from professional, academic and advanced amateur circles. Meetings also provide a forum for members to ask questions, view collections or even get hands-on experience with excavating, curating or creating artifacts. Chapters are located in Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Monroe, and Saginaw-Bay City. In addition to local chapter meetings, the MAS hosts two yearly state-wide meetings. The fall workshop includes practical experience with archaeological methods, and the spring annual meeting offers a chance to conduct Society business and often features many excellent speakers. Membership also includes a subscription to our journal, The Michigan Archaeologist, which enjoys a reputation for its scholarly coverage of archaeological and ethnographic topics in the Great Lakes region. The Michigan Archaeologist is also available to institutions on a subscription-only basis, without membership in the MAS.

The Michigan Archaeological Society and You

As we look toward the future, our decisions can be tempered by a healthy view of the past. The Michigan Archaeological Society provides a means to share that view, and we need you to share it with us. Whether you wish to discuss theory with a colleague, hear about the history of your state or simply want to know what that strangely shaped rock you found in your backyard might be, the MAS has something to offer you, and the MAS will be that much richer for your participation. Please join soon.