THE CONFERENCE ON MICHIGAN ARCHAEOLOGY (COMA) is an organization of professional archaeologists who actively pursue or have conducted archaeological research in Michigan. COMA is the oldest and largest body of professional archaeologists in Michigan and is comprised of archaeologists who work for colleges and universities, state and federal agencies, and private companies.

If you are interested in COMA, please contact the treasurer or secretary for details or go to


President: Dan Goatley

Vice President: Dillon Carr, Ph.D.

Secretary: Jackie Lillis-Warwick

Treasurer: Donald J. Weir



Beverley A. Smith, Ph.D.

Tamara L. Bray, Ph.D.

Stacy Tchorzynski

James A. Robertson, Ph.D.

Chris Stephenson

Lynn Evans, Ph.D.




·       Dan Goatley has put together a set of lesson plans for educators who would like to incorporate archaeological concepts in the classroom. The first paper in the series is entitled "Archaeological Artifact Analysis."




          New COMA Outreach and Education Award




The purpose of the Conference on Michigan Archaeology (COMA) Outreach

and Education Award is to provide a modest cash award through which

COMA can support the efforts of individuals, groups, companies, or

institutions to promote public interest and awareness about archaeology in Michigan.



Requests for funding must include a description of the project, and

will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


1)       how the COMA Outreach and Education Award will contribute to the


2)       the manner in which the project will deal with Michigan archaeology;

3)       the audience that will be served.


Preference will be given to presentations within Michigan that target

public audiences in Michigan, but activities outside of the state that

promote Michigan archaeology will be considered as well.



Applications will be submitted to the Chair of the COMA Outreach and

Education Committee (OEC).  The application should consist of a

one-page letter that addresses the criteria given above. The committee

will accept and evaluate applications throughout the year.


Frequency of Award

COMA Fellows will determine the amount of funding available each year

for this award.

There is no deadline for application for this award.  The OEC will

evaluate applications as they are received and respond to applicants

within 30 days of receipt.  Applications will be considered as funds

remain available.  The OEC reserves the right to suspend acceptance of

applications to preserve the funding base for the award.



The award shall typically consist of a cash award of up to $100 and an

8 1/2 x 11 inch certificate expressing COMA’s recognition of the

applicant’s efforts to disseminate information about Michigan




Sean Dunham, COMA OEC Chair

1134 Riley Street

Lansing, MI  48910


Electronic submissions are preferred (but not required):