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The Great Lakes region has enjoyed a long, rich and varied history. Much of this history is known, but a great deal of information lies hidden waiting to be discovered. The Michigan Archaeological Society was formed in the 1930s for people dedicated to unearthing the past. The MAS now has a number of chapters throughout the state and members across the country, and we would like to invite you to join us.

State Officers for 2017-2018

President: Dan Wymer, dan@danwymer.com

1st Vice President: Ken Mohney, kmohney@monroeccc.edu

2nd Vice President: Tom LaDuke, tomladuke@icloud.com

Secretary: Theresa Breza
Treasurer: Donna Davis, mastreasurer1@hotmail.com

Trustee (2016-2019): Holly Yatros, hollyeyatros@gmail.com

Trustee (2017-2020): Chuck Hoover, ckhoover@att.net

Trustee (2015-2018): Don Simons

Michigan Archaeologist Editor: Dr. Mike Hambacher, mjhambacher@att.net



·         Reminder: Time to renew your 2018 MAS membership. Dues are $25.00 for individuals. Submit membership form, available at the membership section at left, with check or money order to: The Michigan Archaeological Society, P. O. Box 359, Saginaw, MI 48606

·         Please click here for a copy of the complete Constitution and amended MAS Bylaws of the Michigan Archaeological Society.

·     Join us on Facebook! Just type ‘Michigan Archaeological Society’ into the search box on Facebook and you should find us.




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